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Jiangyin gamin hydraulic pipe fittings co., LTD Pipe ·tubing joints·welding flange

SERVICE HOTLINE: 86-0510-86666532

keywords: Pipetubing jointswelding flange

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If you have any special requirements Can be produced in mass customization

Pipe|tubing joints|welding flangeHigh quality supporting the selection of street lighting engineering

Specializing in the production of pipe, tubing joints, welding flange pipe, tubing joints, welding flange


High and low pressure hydraulic pipe fittings for many years research and development production

Perfect quality management system, regulation, all the defective goods never leaving the factory

High tech research and technology strength

Scientific production:
Investing hundreds of millions of yuan, configuration set of standardized workshop more foreign advanced testing instruments and production equipment

Patent qualification:
Won a number of patented technology, to master the core technology, products more scientific research and innovation

The technical team:
Industry experts, senior engineer, research and development specialist technology such as talent team

Assured quality of the market

Quality development philosophy:
To build hydraulic pipe fittings in China

The market must:
Gamin is deep many customers for many years, the products sell well all over the country

Quality monitoring system:
Perfect quality management system, regulation, all the defective goods never leaving the factory

Comprehensive services, cooperation more save worry

Selection recommendation:
According to the customer the need of application scenarios, professional recommend suitable product

Technical support:
Product technical guidance, to ensure product quality

saled protection:
Attaches great importance to the long-term cooperation, to provide you with excellent after-sale protection

The gamin classic case of cooperation Classic case of cooperation

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Jiangyin gamin hydraulic pipe fittings co., LTD., specializing in the production of pipe, tubing joints, welding flange, the company is located in economic prosperity, beautiful scenery of taihu lake ─ jiangyin city, jiangsu province economic development zone west, east is near Shanghai, south to wuxi, jiangyin Yangtze river bridge to the north, is apart from the shanghai-nanjing expressway and beijing-shanghai high-speed only 15 minutes, the geographical position is very superior, the amphibious transportation is very convenient. The garmin hydraulic pipe fittings co., LTD., founded in 2008. Company specializing in the production of various high and low pressure pipe fittings, hydraulic hose connector and flange, welding flange

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